August 4, 2017
August 19, 2017
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Thee Essential Closet Items For An Extraordinarily Stylish Wardrobe

 Transparency and simplicity are areas I pride myself on, and that is why I have created my packages based on more than just a pretty outfit and to get YOU looking and feeling extraordinary. Life is far too short to look and feel anything but! You are a bossbabe that wants to take control of your life, and we will do that from the outside in, because, baby, let's get away from society engraved quotes of 'beauty starts from the inside out.' We all know how phenomenal we feel in the right outfit, and we know a feeling is eternal, you get me here? You in the right clothes = YOU feeling confident, fierce and unstoppable! So let's change our mindset and say this together beauty starts from the outside in.

Let's change your life one outfit at a time!

Are you ready to look the part? Ready to look as successful as you are, up-level your look to suit your lifestyle, aspirations, dreams and desires? Are you ready to conquer self-doubt? Ready to stop being your self’s worst critic and feel fantastic? Then let’s get real and excited about the styling options below - upleveling your style, uplevels your life!!

Any of the below Styling Packages were designed to be a light of positive change in your life and help you look the best and feel like the best version of YOU! What are you waiting for, fearless babe? You have nothing to lose. Because I am a firm believer that ain't nobody gonna do business with you unless you have built a connection and trust with them, I offer a FREE Discovery Call where we can discuss the style you are trying to achieve and together select the package that is best for you and will transform your life for the best!

Stylish Babes/Stylish Men

This is a *monthly Style Coaching, made up of four 45 minute weekly sessions specifically geared towards babes or gentlemen in the business world. Those too busy to put outfits together but want to elevate their style and flair up their game without wasting any precious minutes thinking about what to wear in the morning. Every week, we connect through Skype, Facetime or Zoom where you advise me of your schedule for the week and I choose for you exactly what to wear, for each event and day of the week. If you like your current wardrobe but don't want to spend any time choosing your daily outfits, this is for you! If you're trying to move up the corporate ladder or just simply want to look your best without wasting time, this is for you. Because let's face it, you want to put all your effort in your work so you can get that promotion, not worry about what to wear every morning. Please email info@fabstylingservices.com to find out more about this package

*Sold as four sessions and can be extended afterword.

One on One Personal Styling.

If shopping for clothes is not your forte and you dislike it, worry not! You are not alone and you don’t have to go through it. If it overwhelms you even looking at clothes and looking online then you need a personal stylist! You need someone to do all the work for you. With my One on One Personal Styling, I do all of the heavy lifting for you. I will work closely with you and find your personal style, take care of the shopping and put your looks together.

  • A 60 minute discovery call to find your Personal Style and looks you are trying to achieve
  • Sending you personalized mood boards prior to doing any of the shopping
  • Buying all the pieces and delivering to your house
  • Two styling with me where we put the pieces together and decide which ones to return (depending on the amount of pieces purchased)
  • Tailoring support so your new clothes fit your body exactly as they should, rather than your body fitting the clothes!

  • Intensive Wardrobe Clean Out

  • Purge of anything that has holes, stains, doesn’t fit, you have not worn in the last 12 months and is no longer serving you any purpose.
  • Organize your closet in a way that is easy to find outfits each and every day
  • Tailor, consignment and donation support for the clothes we are ridding

  • One Time Editorial Styling

    Whether you are a babe that has a one night event and is looking for that perfect outfit, whether you are a babe that is launching a new product, starting a new business, or simply wish to have some beautiful photographs of yourself and are looking for outfits (up to two) to shine on this special day. I am here to make you own the day and look your absolute best!

    Intensive Closet Overhaul

    This is a life changing experience. This is a complete wardrobe overhaul, the life freshener you’ve been looking for and the amazingness that is a NEW YOU! The Intensive Closet Overhaul includes everything that is included in the One on One Personal Styling and everything on the Intensive Wardrobe Clean out It is an in depth Style Makeover that will change your life. please e-mail info@fabstylingservices.com to find out more on this life changing experience

    Click to book your FREE styling discovery call!

    Fab Styling Services
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