August 3, 2017
August 10, 2017
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BENEDICTA - Controller "Fabiola is one of a kind! She is able to visualize what would work for you, and bring it to life. She's styled me on a number of occasions, and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is open to exploring a unique sense of style. :)"

AARON - Self Employed "Fabiola was great to work with because she truly understood my concerns with sizing. She crushed all I had been told up until now about tailors being too much work and actually found me clothes that fit. I feel great in my new clothes and like a whole new person. I no longer have to deal with retailers telling me where I should buy my clothes, just a call to Fabiola and she makes it happen."

KAT - Marketing Manager I had never worked with a stylist before, but Fabiola's confidence and fashion-savvy ways immediately put me at ease. The dresses she selected for me could not have been more perfect for both my personality and body type. Fabiola really knows how to style not only herself, but others, and I would recommend her services to anyone."

Daniel - Entrepreneur "Fabiola is a very talented stylist with so much to offer. She will listen to your needs as much as advising when something does not suit you. Working with Fabiola has saved me a lot of time while keeping me looking sharp. Thanks, Fab Styling Services."

HOLLY - Vice President "This was my first time using a fashion stylist. I had my own style but I needed a bit of something I couldn't put my finger on to spice it up. Fabiola did an amazing job pushing me slightly out of my comfort zone but still aligned with my general style so I felt very comfortable. I was also looking for some wardrobe pieces that were the opposite of what I'd wear in the corporate world. She is an extremely warm and talented stylist and I absolutely love my new look! Thanks Fabiola!"

Benjamin - Lawyer "I already love good style and dressing well. I was looking for someone to create simple but stylish outfits for me to wear when out the door in the morning, Fabiola took over my closet and reorganized everything in a way that it was easy for me to work with and took away some of that stress of "what should I wear today. I never understood why people did closet purges up until I had mine cleaned out. Leading a busy lifestyle, Fabiola's services came in very handy without having to compromise on my style."

NADYA - Entrepreneur "Fabiola figured out my style in no time, bought all the right clothes that fit me perfectly, pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me look fabulous! Loved working with her, so friendly, understanding, professional and really knows what she is doing. Would highly recommend her services!"

EVAN - Sales Manager "Three months with Fabiola will change not only your style, but your life. She is organized and very much into simplifying lives. I constantly receive compliments on my style. Most importantly, Fabiola was there throughout the entire 3 month package to help me look my best, her guidance and support helped me maintain my style and see myself in a different way."


  1. b says:

    i would like you to style me for a date with a special dr 😉

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