August 10, 2017
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Hello darlings!

My name is Fabiola but you already knew that, if you wish to learn more about me as an individual you can do so here. As a stylist I stick with classic, timeless pieces that will withstand time and not just be a seasonal trend. You see, that is the difference between a fashionista and someone with a great sense of style, a fashionista will follow trends and be up to date, that is why I would probably find it difficult to be the fashion editor of VOGUE (or any magazine), because fashion is all about trends, you need to keep up to date with the newest, most happening outfits and always be evolving. There would be no fashion without trends. And even though I am a big lover of pushing the envelope, reinventing yourself and evolving you should always stick with the classics and spice up your outfits with some trends, but never let the trend be the outfit.

I believe in accentuating your best parts, not hiding them in frumpy clothes. All women might not have a defined waist, but we all have one, so show it. Some of us have long legs, some are bodacious, some pear shaped, whatever your body type, there will always be clothes that complement it. I am here to help you with that and encourage you to try new things that would make you look and feel your best. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and allow me to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone. Overall, you are probably ready for that, or else you wouldn't be on my page in the first place. My style Icons are Jackie O, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Amal Alamuddin, Kate Middleton AND, I can not forget to mention the amazingness that is Carrie Bradshaw. Because if anyone can pull off trends and eccentric outfits, it's CB.

Your outfit is the first piece of art you create every morning, it takes as much time to put on a beautiful dress as it does to put on sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Actually, chances are it takes less for the dress. There are plenty of outfits that are comfortable, yet stylish and show stopping in the best way possible. The latter does not necessarily mean 5" high heels and a dress so tight you could barely breathe. I am a true believer in showcasing your style, the best you and convey a hint of your personality through the clothes you wear. When people I work with shine, I shine. When people I work with feel good, I feel good. When people I work with feel confident, I feel confident. Making you look and feel your best in the clothes that you wear is one of the most fulfilling jobs and give me certain butterflies that not many things do.

I can't wait to help you look your FABsolute best


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