August 4, 2017
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Thee Essential Closet Items For An Extraordinarily Stylish Wardrobe


My beautiful, strong and fierce babes wondering what the heck is a Style Coach and how is it different from a stylist. Well, to make it simple, a stylist is someone that dresses you up and makes you look good for a certain event or teaches you a few tips and tricks on how to dress. Stylists are absolutely great for making you look fierce! A Style Coach is someone that brings out the best in you and teaches you how to put your best foot forward through how you show up for yourself and how you show up for the world. A Style Coach is someone that makes you look and FEEL fierce! It's someone that teaches you confidence 101 in the long run and how to live your most stylish life, ever!

People always assume that beauty starts from the inside out. I'm not that person. I like shaking things up and saying that beauty starts from the outside in! I know for myself that I feel 100% better when I put on something nice, and that immediately lifts my mood. The goal is to have a level of connection with anything you buy that is much bigger than it being just aesthetically pleasing. It's about how it makes you feel. And that is what I do, as a style coach, I don't just pick out clothes for you and clean out your closet. I bring out the best in you through the clothes that we decide to get for you!

As I say, babes, change your outfit, change your life! I know you're a busy woman hustling to make the big bucks, so let me give you a hand by taking style worries off your hands, so you can look like the big bucks that you're making, and are a true reflection of your inner self

Scroll down to book your FREE Discovery Call with me and find out how I can change your life from the outside in! Let's have you live life with a purpose and look GREAT doing it!

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